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Proper Job awarded the Bournmouth OCS                      cup for BEST MUSIC GROUP 2014








Formed in 2006 the group "Proper Job" has a mission in life- to get people singing the songs of Cornwall again. Traditionally the Cornish sang wherever they were, in chapels, in pubs, at work- wherever a group of people got together they would sing. Sadly our modern way of life has seen a

decline in this and Proper Job - consisting of basses Trevor Greenslade and Michael Beard. Baritones Phil Walters and Mike Gilks. Second tenors David Oates and Terry Harvey and first tenor Spencer Dudley - are attempting to redress the situation. At all of their performances the audience is encouraged to join in without restriction.

In 2017 we welcolmed Terry Harvey into the group and he is already proving to be a great asset, not only as a singer but also with his skill on the accordian. In additio - much to our delight - Mike Gilks returned to the fold.

The repertoire consists of old favourites like The White Rose. “Camburn 'ill”, The Old Grey Duck, some of the songs made well-known by John Barber of St Ives and some of the excellent songs about Cornwall being written today like Roger Bryant's "Cornish Lads" - the words of which were written on the wall at South Crofty when it closed. Several songs have been written by members.

Proper Job also likes to include Cornish humour in its programme and the CDs include some of the dialect stories of the late Herbie Lean of Camborne recorded live at one of the group's evenings .

When they perform the group encourages the audience to join in and sing in the same way as their ancestors did.

If you would like to contact Proper Job please contact:-

David Oates on 01209 612057

or by e-mail

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