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CD Take a Stroll up Fore Street


1. Proper Job.                      This has become our "Signature Tune".

2. Tregarten Anthem.

3. The White Rose.              Soloist Spencer Dudly

4. The Oggy Song.              Written and performed by Trevor Greenslade

5. Let the Lower Lights be Burning.

6. Cornish Lads.

7. Cadgwith Anthem.

8. Calm is the Sea.

9. Lamorna.

10. Tykkydewas.                  Composed by Ian Curnow

11. South Australia.

12. Tom Bawcock's Eve.      Soloist David Oates.

13. Peter's Choice.

14. An Eyos Whek               "Sweet Nightingale" in Cornish.

15. I'll Tell me Ma.                Soloist Ian Curnow.

16. The Old Grey Duck.

17. A Miner's Life.

18. Camborne Hill.

                                Dialect Stories by David Oates.

19. "Aunt Martha's Wedding."

20. "Rooster had some reason to be proud."


CD When We Sing of Cornwall


1.  Harry's Song for Cornwall.

2.  The Romance of Darby & Joan.

3.  Cornwall the Land I Love.

4.  Cornwall - To the tune Myfanwy.

5.  "The Revival"  Dialect Story by David Oates.

6.  Little Lize.

7.  Home from the Sea.         Soloist Phil Walters.

8.  Lily of the Valley.              Soloist Spencer Dudley.

9.  You can't take 'un with 'ee.

10. "Cobbler's Shop" Dialect Story by David Oates.

11. Working Man.

12. Ar Lan Y Mor.                  Soloist Ian Curnow.

13. Kind Friends & Companions.

14. Working on the Railroad.

15. "Boy Willy"  Dialect Story by David Oates.

16. Doble's Wall.

17. Grandfather's Clock.

18. Life Unseen.

19. Cousin Jack.                    Words by David Oates: Music by Ian Curnow.

20. "Mother & Willy go Shopping"  Dialect story by David Oates.

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A Miner's Life Lamorna Peter's Choice Cornish Lads

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Harry's Song for Cornwall-1 Home From the Sea-1 Cousin Jack-1 Kind Friends and Companions-1